Roslyn Clark
Civil Celebrant

Notebook Memories

Notebook Memories of Life and Love
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We all leave something of ourselves behind.  Not only in our various accomplishments and achievements but in the memories of those who knew, respected and indeed loved us.  I have a deep seated belief that everyone who leaves this world should be honoured and their achievements celebrated.


I work closely with the family and the funeral directors to deliver a service that is dignified and meaningful in honouring the loved ones life.  I include all family members if they so desire and items of the loved one to create personal touches.  This is a time to celebrate the life of the family member and I assist in this process with careful consideration to the details.

I have a deep empathy for people who are grieving and make sure that the ceremony reflects their feelings and achieves an outcome that speaks volumes about their loved one.

Funerals $300
Graveside Funerals $360