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Baby naming

Once your baby is born you are solely responsible for this human being as you mould and shape your baby into a future citizen of Australia. 

A naming day is a special ceremony celebrating and welcoming your precious little one into the world.

This is a joyous occasion and reminds us all what our responsibilities are of raising a child and the extended families promises to that child by way of mentors or god-parents chosen by you.

Naming days are a modern alternative to a christening or baptism and can be tailored to accommodate different beliefs, faiths and cultures.

A naming ceremony does not have legal status.  It is a civil ceremony.  On the day your child’s name will be entered into a Naming Register and will be signed by parents, celebrant and others eg godparents, guardians or mentors. 

A certificate will be created for your child being a Certificate of Naming and the godparents and guardians will receive a certificate as a keepsake.

I would love to be honoured in the naming ceremony of your child.  These ceremonies are often held during your child’s first year or on their first birthday.

Baby Namings $200
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